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His & Hers Portable Restrooms


If you desire to separate the men from the ladies, or the boys from the girls, we have the solution for your event. We all know different lines generally move at different paces and that certain people tend to have preferences about what makes them comfortable. To provide common appropriate accommodations per gender, our his & hers portable restrooms are helpful for many types of occasions.


A unique combination of durability and comfort, our his & hers portable restrooms are blow-molded, have a modern style, are made of strong double-wall builds, and have a spacious interior for optimal maneuverability.

Crucial wall and floor vents ensure constant airflow to readily reduce odors. The design of our restrooms makes it easy for us to service and deodorize quickly and efficiently. We always strive to make sure users will be pleased and comfortable with our top-of-the-line rentals.
• Common accommodations per gender
• Toilets are always clean for your patrons

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